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November 14th, 2012


By Vasilios Xydias

Kid Flicks is a music project by Nickos Dervisis, a self-taught musician and artist who works with samples, electronic sounds and original instruments. He was born in Lefkada 23 years ago and now lives in Athens, Greece. Originally trained as a graphic designer and visual artist, he began his self-taught relationship with music in his early high school years, exploring the boundaries of pop and experimental music. He is influenced by artists such as The Residents, XTC, Os Mutantes and The Flaming Lips. His first LP, Hearts of Gold, was released through Inner Ear Records and he instantly became a favorite within the alternative music scene in Greece and abroad.

What is engaging about his new album, By Typing “I Talk”, You Don’t Talk, is that it’s really made to be listened to with headphones, as it’s crafted with plenty of sonic candy from start to finish. The vocals are layered nicely with an echo that’s very peaceful to the ears and doesn’t overpower any one track. It’s almost as if they are in the background adding texture, as opposed to most songs where all you pay attention to are the vocals and everything else is secondary. The album also has a suspended, dreamlike quality to it, which makes it fairly easy to digest even for those that are foreign to this type of music. No one sound, instrument, or sample dominates; it’s mixed to absolute perfection. The sounds are very complimentary, even when there’s a trippy ambient track (Sunken Palace) that takes you on a 6-minute escape. In case you were wondering: you can daydream to this album…it’s probably encouraged. It will take you on a journey that so few songs or albums do.

There is also a sense of loneliness to the album. It’s not something to play at a party; it’s really made to be listened to by yourself – hence the headphones. The beauty in absorbing this album in solitude is that it creates a state in which you feel like you’re floating through space, or that there’s something happening deeper in your own thoughts while you are listening. Only when you play it from start to finish, all the tracks in order, will you truly understand this album as a whole.

Kid Flicks is one of the inspiring faces found in the underground Greek artist’s circle. He’s created an avant garde soundscape that can make people realize that the talent coming from Greece is truly globally influenced and ushering in the confidence to experiment in new musical directions.

GOTH took every song title (capitalized below) on the album and turned it them into the random questions for our interview with Kid Flicks.

1. Why use an ERASER when there’s beauty in the flaws?

There is awesomeness in the flaws indeed, especially those times when you unleash a powerful stream of oppressed emotions (fear, happiness, anxiety, rage) and the result is so damn beautiful you can’t even believe you did it. You just sit there and admire it like it’s someone else’s work, but at the same time it’s completely your own. But there are sometimes that this very same stream hits another stream of low self-esteem, extreme terror about the result or a regular rational thought, on its way out of your body and you better use an eraser or that monster you created will haunt you forever!

2. How do you dance to THE SENTENCE?

You could do that old fake third arm trick throughout the song, if you wear a long sleeve shirt.

3. Why is THE SEMICOLON in Greek used as a question mark?

Only way I can answer this one is with another question: Why is the English “R” the Greek “P”? Ha?


They are dirty, they live in Utopia, their fictional place, where they are some kind of exceptional figures and they show it off in every possible way in planet Earth. Everything in their mind and how they translate your sayings, is filtered through their experiences in Utopia. Unbearable guys.

5. Why did the SUNKEN PALACE sink?

Tsunamis and earthquakes came and created a beautiful underwater scenery with fish swimming peacefully around the imposing corridors and huge statues full of lichens. A beautiful disturbing ambience, it’s like it was built to sink.

6. Where do you find an ITALIAN GIRL in Athens?

Who said I found her in Athens?

7. Why did you choose to sing in Greek for the song XXT?

Because I always wanted to sing in Greek. I was trying and trying to write some good-sounding lyrics in Greek for almost two years and I was always going back to english. Greek is a language with such range and you have many choices to say the same thing, but at the same time not all of them sound musically right with your other choices of words. When I was writing “xxt”, after I came up with the melody, I felt I was in the right state of mind to at least “try and error”, so I automatically started writing those lyrics and without even waiting to see what I had written and if it makes sense I recorded some takes ’till I got the good one, duplicated my voice and started mixing. The next day that I listened to it again, I figured out consciously that I was singing in Greek and the result was really good. The lyrics say about machines trying to take over a post-apocalyptic world, but they face the problem of free expression of feelings (and dance moves) and sexuality as they try to assimilate with people and get confused with their own existence. In my opinion, if all revolves around sex in this world, those machines have no motive to take over the world. There is no jealousy without sexual desire. That’s the oxymoron of all machine vs. men sci-fi movies. Those advanced machines depicted in such films/books do have a built up logic, similar to their creator, but they don’t have their creator’s needs, so there lies their infighting.

8. If you met MARIA DE NAGLOWSKA the famous Russian mystic, what would you say to her?

I would attend one of her brotherhood’s, the “Golden Arrow”, meetings, see the ceremony and the orgy and meet figures like Andre Breton and Man Ray (they used to go there and watch). There isn’t anything I would tell her personally. “I named one of my songs after you” sounds weird and she’s a witch, you don’t wanna mess with her.

9. If the BOMBUS is a species of a bumblebee, what is the human equivalent?

I guess the human equivalent would be big hairy dudes, but they usually smell bad and bumblebees look so clean and fluffy.

10. Finish this sentence…YOU NEVER KNOW………

You never know you never know.


Catch up with Kid Flicks on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, and get his music via Inner Ear, Bad Panda Records or Soundcloud.

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