• angela

    Angela Trakas

    Chatty. World citizen. Tavli enthusiast. Advocate. Jewelry maker. National Geographic subscriber. Bleeding heart. Public transit pro. Cancer-Leo cusper. Epicurious. Tourguide. Stargazer. Slowlifer. Belly laugher. Crazy dancer. Sponge. Spiritualist. Loud.

  • ARIS

    Aris Soultanos

    Greek obsessed. Social. Fashion victim. Health freak. Greek root word origin tracker. A perpetual seeker of truth. Blunt. Ellinaras. Not good with self-descriptions.


    Artemis Kohas

    mastihashop owner. Optimistic dreamer. Philanthropist. Insomniac. Quote fanatic. Licensed mental health counselor. Balance-seeker. Punctuality-challenged. Preservationist. Social butterfly. Defier of convention. Psycho-analyzer. Giver. Sun-worshiper. Wannabe vegetarian. Soul searcher.

  • DAVID_227-e1319829164306

    David Benforado

    Painter. Wanderer. Living close to the sea. Addicted to water. Loves: Serenity, Music, Ney, Nature, Animals, Winter Swimming, Improvisation. Gifted with PR skills (something he loves to hate).


    Effie Panagopoulos

    Tripoli-tsiotisa meets Beantown Broad meets Citizen of the World. Polyglot. Plate-breaker. Insatiable wanderlust. Rabble-rouser. Cocktail Geek. Likes F words. Food snob. Fitness fanatic. Fellini freak. Foolish fashionista. Democratic dictator. High-strung undercover hippie. The Greek Spirit Muse.


    Helen Dimaras

    Science nerd. Extreme Hellenophile. Obsessively organized. PADI certified. Bookworm. Passport stamp collector. Runs for fun, not fear. Kiswahili novice. Thinks Starbucks should serve Nescafé Frappé. Analyzer. Mixalis Xatzigiannis groupie. Bollywood film buff. Spartan tough with Canadian charm.


    Julie Karatzis

    Letterpress printer. Publicist. Kefalonitisa. Pretty things blogger. Typophile. Master tweeter. Flea market frequenter. Crafter. Beach bum. Epic party thrower. Chronic wanderlust. A sane ocd. Design junkie. Bon vivant. Amateur photographer. Graphic designer. Runner. Greek dancer.


    Marilyn Manno

    Writer. Thinker. Eater. Lover of all things cinnamon. Ad creative. Beach bum. Old-timey gangster.  “When Harry Met Sally” quoter. Floridian. Striker. Yogi. Vegan Wannabe. Ill-fated traveler. Big ball of mush.


    Nikolaos Dervisis

    They tell me I sometimes answer like Groucho Marx. Spontaneous. Moody. Easily bored. Hospitable. Sometimes clumsy. I would waste a whole day in a book or a record store. Travel a lot without organising it. Flirty when I’m in the mood. Always taking notes. Enthusiastic. Sometimes anxious.

  • NORA

    Nora Malamidou

    Copywriter. Agronomist. Neurotic. Woody Allen fanatic. Half-story writer. Nail biter. Likes music for girls. Friend of The-Greek&-The-Talented. Left-handed. Blonde. Idea-capturer. Thinker. Late-night philosopher. Car singer. Observer. Enemy of grace. Myopic impressionist. A nice kid.


    Vasilis Katsoupis

    Creative/Director. Scene sniper. Loud laugher. His alter-ego. Idea gasterbeiter. Image freak. Hairy chested Greek. Web miner. Nina Simone’s discordant reincarnation. Easily bored. The Real Retro Nostalgic. Certain absolutist. Academic. A bargain.

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