I Think We Should Walk to Greece

November 29th, 2012


By Ariana Collas, for GOTH

“Especially when times are hard. That’s not when you should be walking away, that’s when you should be walking there.” The phrase struck me as especially poignant when I was deep in discussion with Anna Smutny, Montréal-based moksha teacher/dancer/artist, for many reasons, but most of all because this…

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Seeing Athens; The GOTH Way

November 2nd, 2012


By Dana Siomkos, Editor-in-Chief

Since founding the The Goddess of the Hunt, I find myself increasingly obsessed with other people’s ideas; not just how they came to fruition, but that moment where conception took place and an idea was born. I think back to the frustrations and desires I had before GOTH…

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Ancient Greece, Meet Retail

January 4th, 2011


By Aris Soultanos

Ancient Greece is considered the Cradle of Western civilization and still resonates throughout the modern Western world. But in the modern retail world it has not received much appreciation; or at least not until recently. In the US, most retail concepts originate from Europe – the “Old World”…

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Ekies All Senses Resort

May 16th, 2010


By Dana Siomkos, Editor-in-Chief

Greek travel typically conjures images of white stucco homes adorned with turquoise shutters, over-looking crystal clear waters.  Sprinkle on top of that some European tourists tanning topless over a frappe and a salata horiatiki and you’ve got your quintessential Greek holiday.  Sound appealing?  Then you’ve come to the…

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