The Art of the Stormtrooper

May 23rd, 2013


By Helen Dimaras, for GOTH

Even when he’s not chasing storms, George Kourounis is a busy man. Whether it’s giving a Ted Talk in Athens, or being late for a GOTH interview because of an impromptu Live webcast with the HuffPo (we forgive you GK!), George is very much in demand. His love…

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Working Back to Athens

April 23rd, 2013


By Harry Tzannis, for GOTH

How easy is it to run an architectural firm in Athens in 2013? How easy is it to leave behind your nice office in London, and also Zaha Hadid, to find yourself in Plateia Kaniggos in the center of Athens? How easy is it to return to your native land amidst crisis? To answer these questions I asked to meet with two young architects who have taken it upon themselves to bring algorithmic design to a Greece of crisis and uncertainty.


Discovering Telaithrion

April 9th, 2013


By Crystal Merope Ginn, for GOTH

‘A small glimpse of hope’ was my first thought when a friend on the island of Milos shared that Greece’s very first eco-community was in the making. Finally, a way to teach people to be self-sufficient at a time when both money and opportunities are drying up. Located on Mt. Telethrion in Aghios, Evoia, a community of 20 aims to spread the ideal model for sustainability and healthy living on an eco-commune comprised of multiple geodesic domes (the larger one is still in the making), yurts and gardens.


Dimitri Simakis is Terrible

February 6th, 2013


By Vasilios Xydias for GOTH

“If everything is terrible, then nothing is,” is the slogan of the video blog website called, appropriately, Everything is Terrible!. Everything is Terrible! is a Chicago-based “found footage” collective website that curates and features clips of old VHS tapes and forgotten media that are “remixed” to create a…

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