Who We Are

The Goddess of the Hunt (aka GOTH) is a Greek creative collective unlike any other, designed to deliver food-for-thought for the contemporary and antsy Greek spirit.  Our obsession is to dig up the undiscovered and under-promoted projects of Greek creativity from around the world and deliver them right to your inbox, so you’ll search no more. We are independent, agitated, out-and-about and guided by no rules other than the austere criteria of high aesthetics.  Like archaeologists, you will find us constantly digging for surprising hidden artifacts produced by the global Greek community.  We don’t always know what we’re looking for, but when we find it, we share it with a “Mom-I-found-money-on-the-street!” enthusiasm.  We aim our arrows high to demolish stereotypes and give a fresh twist on the perception that Greek creativity is as static as ancient statues.

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Dana Siomkos


With Dana’s discerning eye and thirst for Hellenic culture came a desire for a new kind of Greek community.  One that breaks stereotypes and delivers the relevant and unexpected.  As a second-generation Greek-American and creative marketer, Dana was constantly inspired by what she unearthed during her holidays in Greece.  It was her vision and burning desire, alongside her vast creative network, that made this modern Greek hub possible.  Looking through a new lens from which we see our people is the reason The Goddess of the Hunt was created. Email Dana.




Vasilis Xydias

Content Director

Passion is an understatement – obsession is more like it.  Vasilis’ non-stop dedication to scouring and exposing the never-seen-before, coupled with his inner Hellenic hipster, makes him the curator of progressive Greek culture.  Cool is hard to define. It’s also very fluid and elusive. But the moment of discovery for Vasilis is instant and he recognizes value and potential immediately.  Email Vasilis.





Merope Crystal Ginn

Innovation & Engagement 

Tech-savvy, graphically-gifted and immersed in the interactive media world, Crystal brims over with love for the Greek language, culture, traditions and hubs of creativity. It all started with organizing the first Media Camp in Athens, an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. Since then she’s been connecting the dots between people, ideas and trends with Greeks around the globe. The Goddess of the Hunt is her vehicle to reconnect and apply her passion for fostering collaboration and evangelizing new ideas.
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